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Keys to Success Motivational Speech

Keys to Success
Keys to Success speech

The Keys to Success – Motivational Speech-

It’s been said… that the greatest disease affecting humanity is that feeling of “I am not enough” the feeling of I am not enough can only exist by comparing yourself to another and leaving your life by expansions that aren’t your own. comparison is the thief of joy. if you want to use a great person to measure where you are in life and where you can be. sure, there’s not a lot wrong with that. but don’t be attached to the result. the only result you should be attached to, is the result of you being better than you were yesterday, last week, last month, 1 year ago, set your own goals based on. what you want to achieve. not what the next-door neighbor has or the need to outdo a friend or family member.

   “Everyone is different
And Everyone Can win”

You will never win if you have your eyes on another person. you win your race by focusing on your own finish line. you win Life by being happy for others. Winning their race and you giving your heart and soul to win your own race.

     “It’s you vs you”

The battle is won or lost in your own mind. comparing yourself to another is an insult to who you are. its an insult to who you are going to be.

         “You are better than that
You are unique”

And that will always be the greatest power. that will always be what separates you from the rest. so be you. focus on you. focus on Growing you. developing you. master your strengths. winning your race. If others win their race… great.

We are all here to win. and the moment you support others. Supports will come back to you. don’t go to prove them wrong. get out there and prove yourself right!

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